Hello JerryBerry fans! :) 

Finally, JerryBerry got an original body!

Even though Obitsu 21 body coordinates well with JerryBerry, we've been wanted to have original JB body for a long time.

Let us introduce the JerryBerry new body!

Take a look! o((*^▽^*))o


Material of the body is Resin which is same as JB heads.

Each parts are connected with strings through S-hook likes usual BJD dolls.

New JerryBerry body can do various posing even though Obitsu body is little bit better in mobility. 

left : JB Body / right : Obitsu 21

left : JB Body / right : Obitsu 21

left : JB Body / right : Obitsu 21

We wanted to design the body which has natural body-line and adorable atmosphere. (๑• ₃ •๑)

And we thought the body must have a feeling of warmth while it goes well with JerryBerry's fairy-tale style face.

New body's proportion of each parts is similar to Obitsu 21 body because we have to maintain compatibility with it.

Differences are inappreciably shorten height, also inappreciably bigger feets and plump  waist. other parts can have little diffrences in size.

And from Basic 2016, inside structure of the head is changed for assembling with a new body.

As you can see in the picture below, the head with cross grooves inside has good compatibility with both Obitsu 21 and the original JB body.



Existing head also have compatibility with the new body. however assembling process is more complicated.


click ★ How to assemble JB head and the new body ★ click


The new body's price is higher than current Obitsu body because the new body is hand-made resin body. [ •́ ﹏ •̀ ]

You can choose between Obitsu body and original JB body in option when you make a order.


We've been struggled to make original JB body for a long time. We hope you like our works! :)


And we have an idea for various hand parts also. Coming soon! ┌ (  ゜з゜)┘